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The Alien Hominid is the main character of the game alien hominid. The Alien is gender-neutral, as stated in Nintelligent's preview of the game. It has yellow skin, three toes on each foot, and carries a small green laser gun, a hunting knife, and a belt of grenades. Oddly, he seems to like hats, as every few worlds, he is wearing a new one.

Role in Alien HominidEdit

The Alien begins the game after an F.B.I. agent shoots down his spaceship. They steal it, but leave the Alien, believing it's dead. Also, they take a Fat Kid's ice cream. After fighting various enemies like the Installball and F.B.I. agents, the Alien finds its ship being dragged down from an F.B.I. one-manned aircraft by some Fat Kids. After a flight full of recollecting ship pieces, the Alien is accidentally shot down by Boris, an official of the U.S.S.R., who hit the alien with a missile that was on its way to the U.S.A. After fighting the many K.G B. agents and bosses, the Alien finds Boris in the U.F.O. After a fight to reclaim its property, the Alien defeats Boris, sending him to a grisly end at a conveyer belt of buzzsaws. Later, the Alien is about to exit Earth when a giant, green, whale-like ship catches him, sending hin to Area 51. He escapes from a crate on a truck and, after a boss fight in Roswell with another alien who tries to befriend him, goes to Area 51's Security Base. After freeing many aliens, the Alien has another fight against the Installball, who is now in control of a robot with a fork and knife. After defeating the Installball, the Alien befriends it, and they continue to the Final Boss. Afterward, the Alien finds one last foe: another Hominid, identical to himself, except for the fact that he's more beefy and armed. After a long gun fight on the ground, the Final Boss takes to the sky in a giant spaceship. After that stage, the beefy clone beams up the Hominid to a fight on the shiptop. At the end of the boss fight, the Final Boss falls to the ground, along with the protagonast. The Alien passes out on the ground, while an Area 51 truck comes, hijacked by the Fat Kids. They strap the Alien and the Installball into the ship and press the liftoff button, waking up the Alien. He blasts off, leaving the three Fat Kids with a leigon of the Area 51 Security behind them. While the kids are fleeing, the Alien gives them one final gift; while the kids are driving, the Alien allows them to escape by sucking them into his ship with a tractor beam. After this, the credits role.

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Alien Hominid.