Cyclops Robot
The Cyclops Robot









The Cyclops Robot is boss with one central green eye, which tries to smash you either with it's own arms or body as a whole, and also shoots lasers a deterrent. It can only be damaged via it's one green eye.

Background Edit

This first level boss, is one that is controlled via it's eye, the Install Ball (or Alien Eye) later seen to join forces with the alien. The robot itself was likely built by the FBI in order to defeat said alien.

Involvement Edit

This boss is first shown at the end of level 1-1, and is situated on the dock 'Grease Glob' fast food store. It is the 2nd boss overall and 1st non-mini boss.

Strategy Edit

The Cyclops Robot can only be damaged by targeting its one green eyeball. At the beginning, while you try to focus on it's eye, he will only walk left and right, either attacking with his huge arms or with a cannon identical to the one used by Tin Man, firing a laser at its head level. (For for the record: you should never

jump on the roof of the nearby fast food joint, there's really just no need.) Instead, follow the Cyclops Robot's movements and stand right under his eye. Once he stops moving - just before he pounds his fists into your yellow mug - fire upwards at his eye before jumping up in the air. Charged shots work wonders in this battle. Just keep firing charged shots at its eye. It's best to stand under the boss and aim up at his eye than trying to aim at his eye from a horizontal level, as it will occasionally punch downward if you are underneath him, so beware of that.  

Once the Cyclops Robot is damaged down to a quarter health, he then smashes the building behind him down, before his arms fall off and he develops a new strategy. Now the robot will jump high in the air before slamming down to the ground.

As he jumps, walk under him by following the arrow on the screen (the little alien head), then line up with that and continue firing upwards at his eye to hurt the robot at that height. Don't forget to move before he drops down on top of you! When it lands, jump up so you don't get knocked over.  

Now instead of just worrying about the robot, FBI agents that rush onto the scene will attack you. The robot just runs around now, and jumps up, so all you need to worry about is hurting the eye and the agents - although they shouldn't be too much trouble, as they sometimes drop power-up package rewards to pick up. Focus on the Cyclops Robot and keep attacking it for the duration of the battle. If done properly it will go down soon enough.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Install Ball within the robot for this stage reappears at the end of the stage in the penultimate boss of the game, in a considerably larger machine.
  • The Install ball also bounces out of it's suit after defeating the boss, seen crying at the end of this level. When enraged, the ball flashes shades of purple and yellow out of frustartion.
  • A similar looking 'cyclops' appears in level Russia level 2-3, this time without the instant ball.