Pudding Mutatio

The Pudding Mutation (Namely) is the Fourth boss of the game Alien Hominid. The boss is seen at the end of level 1-3 He acts the final boss of the level.


The Pudding Mutation is in fact, a mutation that occurred at the Instant Pudding Place in the city. The chemicals infected the pudding which caused it to mutate it and transform into a huge, alive pudding.

Boss Walkthrough

The Pudding Boss is only vulnerable to the water from the fire hydrant that is activated by the player firing on it. He will keep his hand on it until the hands are destroyed by the player. Keep doing this until he is out of health. He is invulnerable to any type of attack, except this strategy.

Pudding Mutation
Vital statistics
Title The Pudding Mutations
Gender N/A
Race Pudding
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health 100
Level 1-3
Status Deceased
Location Level 1-3