Robo Bee









The Robo Bee, is a flying boss bearing a curved metal 'spike', that of which is used in an attempt to impale the alien, destroying the vehicles on the highway below in the process. It is piloted by an FBI agent, evident by the window at the forefront of the robot.

Background Edit

The 2nd non-mini boss of the game. It has been built and is operated by the FBI during the duration of the level. It was purposely situated over an array of street cars, to use it's agile and yet bulky figure to it's advantage.

Involvement Edit

Being a flying robot, it is seen hovering over a packed a packed freeway during level 1-2, with a stretch of water behind them, along with occasionally passing cars on another lane.

Strategy Edit

As a car drives under the spike, this giant robot bee will stab the car underneath, blowing it up and destroying it entirely. In order not to be speared, keep to the back of the line of cars whilst shooting it- although you should note that the cars will be moving rather fast, so that means they will be destroyed quickly. Jump to the car behind you and while jumping, turn around and shoot the mechanical menace a couple of times.

Repeat the process until it uses a new attack (it sweeps the screen, ramming you.) When it stops smashing cars and pauses for a few moments, that's an indication that it is preparing to attack you directly. When it fly's towards you, enter the car you're on and dodge the attack. It will move forwards, then back towards the opposite direction, pacing the screen, so much so that when he gets back to the right side of the screen, the robot halts.

After it has arrived, jump out of the car and fire upon it some more, shooting the robot before it continues to divide more cars in half. (Every time it does this attack , it will start crushing cars at a faster rate.) A fat kid on a para glider will constantly drop down deposit power-ups to you, so keep up the same strategy by repeating the process until the Robo Bee is destroyed; only a bit more cautious when it gets faster though, as it will speed up the less HP it has.

The battle may take a while, so keep on your toes, Perhaps being less 'over zealous' about it and more patient would make for an easier time completing the stage, Taking your time is definitely important however, as it is hard to attack and leap from car to car simultaneously. It will eventually fall.